Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a reminder; please check out my XBOX game!

Hey all!

Just a reminder to check out the XBOX live game that I made a few months back... it is a fun little tower defense game with a few unique strategy twists NO other tower defense game has ever had. We just put out an updated version with some new stuff which makes the game even better!

Anyway... here are just a few comments from peer reviewers...

Reviewer 1: It's a great game (I just played for an hour and a half while "reviewing")...

Reviewer 2: Nice job. I played this quite a bit longer than I intended to.

Reviewer 3: Hard as heck, at times feels impossible, but I can't put the controller down...

Reviewer 4: Fun little zombie game.

Reviewer 5: Pass. Very nice game

Reviewer 6: very enjoyable... nice sounds... no garbage

Reviewer 7: I absolutely love this game.

And just last week, from a Microsoft game developer who spent too much time playing the game...

You owe me some serious dev time. I was avoiding this because I though I was over tower defence games, but I must say this is my new favourite. The humvie needing to reach the towers to upgrade and pick up innocents is a fantastic stratergy bender and a brilliant twist on this stale genre. More that anything I really love the random map mode (the name escapes me), I will be playing the crap out of this for a long time to come. The story mode was brilliantly done and I found myself lamenting the end of it; The voice acting was absolutely stellar and really added to the atmosphere. Good stuff all around.

Then, from a few "real" reviewers...

"Game of the Month" - Brokemycontroller.com

"Some nice releases in this (weeks) round up, in particular Zombie Armageddon which surprised me a lot... a Tower Defence style game with some nice touches. ... this game looks to be really well made, it does feels cinematic in a strange way." - Gamergeddon.com

"I really enjoyed the new strategic possibilities that Zombie Armageddon offered..." -GayGamer.com

It is only a couple of bucks, and is honestly fun... the "sandbox" version, which is basically endless, is a lot of fun to waste time with:) You can check it out here:

Anyway, would love for some of you guys to try it out:)


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Ulu Elsomalien said...

Need some subtitles (even in english) for foreign players. Is the modern squad crawler project dead ?

Author said...


Ahh, didn't consider it... hope that the game is still playable...

At the moment squadcrawler is suspended, but we are a few months out from a neat modern combat game... I'll post a bit about it when we get closer to release:)

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Hurrah ! And lack of subtitles isn't a major issue, I just have to see the first vid' a thousand time and then I will understand. ;-)