Sunday, June 20, 2010

Latest 25mm Vikings...

Hey all,

Well, the Viking big boss finally arrived, so I thought I'd start in on them again!

So... a few thoughts.

First off... yikes. The Foundry Viking boss I got is WAYYY too big. Honestly, too big I think to be a realistic leader for this group. What I might do is, intellectually, I might simply call him some sort of demi-god and leave it at that. I planned to base him with the berzerkers, which I guess is fine as they would sort of be inspired by him, or his most faithful warriors...

I also went ahead and made two scout-like guys. They have no armor or shields... just a helmet, bow and arrows, and a sword. They will actually be put right in the units of eight... two of the units will have a single scout, and one will get a guy with a horn and banner. While one guy came out fine, I am not in love with the other (the guy on the left.) The arm carrying the bow was just a pain to get on facing the correct direction... I may still cut it off and do some major surgery to have the guy carrying the bow at a lower angle. The bodies, btw, are from the unarmored Celts sprue from Fall In 2010... provided both scouts and my berzerkers!

I did make two regular vikings that will go with the second unit of eight... one is armed with a spear, and the other is taking a two-handed swipe with his sword. Both guys turned out fairly good.

Lastly I went ahead and used two bodies for captains! I figured I'd make two, as that would work well if this was a single force under the Odin-like guy (the boss and his two captains) or, if I play without the Odin guy and I split the Vikings to play against each other, one boss per side.

I mounted them both standing on rocks and with bare heads so they stand out a bit from the regular troops... it makes them a bit more imposing. One guy is standing rather calmly, with a large axe in his hand. I may add a horn to his belt. The other guy is pointing dramatically with his sword at the next target. Notice the helmet that is strapped to his belt.

Overall a productive day!


Giles said...

Nice work, Lord A. I agree that sometimes the WF arms look a bit odd when attached to the body, but I find that is often the way with plastics.

Best wishes


Gunfreak said...

Since the boss has a raven on his shoulder, he might be Odin him self.

To bad he didn't have a hammer, or he could have been Thor

Author said...

Hey guys!

Giles, yeah, they do sometimes look strange, but overall with a little trimming you can do nice things with them:)

Gun yeah, I was thinking that! He has two eyes though... He actually DOES have a hammer, upside down, on his belt... so maybe he is a mix?:)