Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The troops arrive!

Well, the troops have arrived!

Today I put the troops out for the battle! Above is an overall shot of the table... the French are deploying on the left side. The first division is at the bottom left of the above photo shot. It consists of two brigades of infantry and an artillery battery. They are behind their redoubts.

The second division is deployed to the far left corner of the photo, with their flank held by a brigade of Guard holding a chateau. Amazingly when I rolled up the forces the British got NO cavalry... so the single brigade of French cavalry will be unopposed and will be able to move quickly and hopefully help pin the large British force down and threaten any artillery that is left open. There is also a battery of horse artillery, that may or may not be left in the center to batter the British as they advance.

The British are attacking with three divisions; two in the center, and one opposite the French-held chateau. The two in the center are large, include two batteries of foot artillery, and are headed by an entire elite brigade, consisting of two battalions of Scots and a battalion of Guard.

On the flank is the third British division, consisting mainly of Allied troops, and also supported by artillery. The British do have an artillery advantage in this game, but the fact that they have to move into position, combined with the French having the fortifications and the only cavalry on the board, may help counter that advantage.

So... the troops have arrived, and the battle may commence!


jmilesr said...

Great photo's. I have always admired your table and game room and will likely be stealing a few of your ideas as I remodel mine.

How do you find the 10mm figures? I've tried 6mm for ACW and they sometimes leave me cold from a painting perspective. I'm thining of changing to 10mm which has the added benefit of allowing me to add in some N-Scale model railroading.

Author said...


Thanks so much not only for coming by, but also for the kind compliments!

I LOVE the 10mms... they are my favorite scale actually! The collection itself was purchased from Sam Mustafa, author of "Lasalle" fame, in one big bulk purchase... my only major wargames purchase ever, and one sponsored through the selling of a massive Warhammer collection I had built up. I love them... it is just so nice to be able to really move troops around and have lots of tactical space in a game... plus, as you mention, it allows for a LARGE number of model making projects that are small yet satisfying!

Watcher said...

Love your game board terrain. What methodology do you use for the "raised" terrain? Looks like some type of filler under your top throw but I would be interested to know more.

War Minister Crittumbo said...

Very nice. Those look great.I'm also a big fan of your table.

Lord Ashley Cooper said...

As always great job and look forward to more post

Grenadierbooks said...

Like your set up. I downloaded your Brigades and Bearskins rules and like what I've read so far. What size bases do you use?

nappygamer33 said...

Looks great! Your layouts always look very well thought out. The flow of the contours is really nice to see. Keep up the good work!

Author said...

Hey all!

First off, as always, thanks SO much for coming by and leaving comments! It is always nice to see comments, because I can't exactly talk toy soldiers with the wife, and I don't have many friends who are into toy soldiers... so it is very nice!:D

Watcher; the board is based on pink insulation foam. Then, I carved various hills and stuff from foam, and roughly tape them down. Finally, I drape my drop cloth over the top! I think there are some old posts dealing with it here...

Or just search under the label "table" and you should find stuff!:)

War Minister, Nappy, Lord Ashley (that looks strange to type for a Lord Ashram...) thanks so much for the kind words! I do try to make it look nice... it is just satisfying when it comes together, you know?

Grenadier Books, I hope the rules work for you! I am working on editing them a little and making a few small changes (for example, requiring all Brigade Commanders to ALWAYS be attached to a battalion, just to simplify things...) and there are one or two little problems and missing bits (for example, I want to make it so any brigade crossing water has to take a Steady! test at the end of their move) but overall, I think the rules are fairly simple and play VERY quick. If you have any suggestions or comments or questions, please do ask and I'll try to help, and if you want, take a look at the "games" label and you will see a few games I played with B&B and that might help clarify bits and pieces!

Again, thanks to everyone for stopping by, it REALLY makes blogging much more fun when there are guys (and gals too I suppose) to share the excitement of love of toy soldiers with:)

Gunfreak said...

Well, looks like your little fiends are a big hit, lots of nice comments, have you thought about trying to use the figs for lasalle, just putting 4 bases togeather to make a battalion? might let you pley small tactical games aswell as big full battles with the same figs

Author said...

Hey Gun!

Yeah, I could use them for Lasalle... in fact, I think they are the collection Sam used for developing the game! I don't really have anyone to play with though, and I DO enjoy making and working on my own rules... but I am sure I'll give Lasalle a few spins on my own at some point:)