Sunday, February 21, 2010

Name That Gun!

Howdy all!

So, got some more work done on the game... wanted to see if people could name the guns in the above picture, where some UN and US troops face off with some insurgents! I know it is hard, but give it a try... I think a few of them at least are fairly good 10 pixel representations!


Grenadierbooks said...

I'm not an arms expert by any means so take my answers with a grain of gun powder :)

The insurgents on the left all seem to be armed with AK-47s.

As for the UN/US
From top to bottom/left to right:
not sure
some sort of sniper rifle
not sure/m16
not sure/some sort of machine pistol

So, what's my grade?

Author said...


Thanks for playing "Name That Gun!"

This one is tough for a black powder type of fellow... you were right about the insurgents, but for the UN/NATO guys, I think you missed them all (but only barely...)


Gunfreak said...

It looks like G3A3
A M249 SAW
anoter AK
An M4 or M733
Not sure about the front middle one.
The sniperrifle is tought, It would be a M40 but the stock seems to thin, might be a VSK-94

Ulu Elsomalien said...

What about G3, sniper, SCAR , AK, MP5 and SAW (UN troops) ?
And AK-47, AK-74 (lol, almost the same design in ral life)for insurgents.

Call of Duty 4 & 6 veteran.

Author said...

Hey all!

Okay... insurgents are all AK47s.

The "good guys" are, top to bottom left to right...

50 cal (needs work)
AK47 / MP5

Hope they look about right!:)