Sunday, February 7, 2010

The officers arrive on the field...

Well, after watching a little TV with the wife ("Madmen" and "Fringe") I deployed the officers to the table!

There are two French divisions on the table. The two divisions start VERY far apart; at opposite ends of the table, actually. The first is a smaller division made of two brigades that will deploy behind the redoubt. The second, which is a larger division, deploys on the road to the chateau... in fact, the divisional commander has decided that he will give a quick look in the corners to see if any wine was left behind!

There are three British divisions that will attack in this game. Two of them are advancing up the main road in the center of the table... they will have a little ways to go, and a LONG way under the guns of the French behind the redoubt!

The third British division will deploy to the right, marching up between two copses of trees. This division will be facing the chateau, but the idea of actually attacking a larger force (the British have only two brigades in this division, versus three French brigades to their front) is not one that seems too palatable...

So... the officers are on the field! In the next day or so, the troops will follow!

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