Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thinking about going modern...

After some discussion, we are thinking about maybe tackling a modern squad combat game before a Napoleonic one... while we enjoy the Napoleonic time more, we think there might be some aspects of the modern (for example, a lot more variety of kit) that lends itself more to the first effort.

The idea would be you have a mercenary group of soldiers, able to deploy to various missions around the world. You would fight a mix of enemy, including insurgents, drug lords, and the like, and as you do well, your men would advance in stats and so on.

In the squad breakdown to the right you can see some basic thoughts (missing stealth, which will likely be added as a stat... imagine a soldier with an MP5 and a full black uniform sneaking up and killing the enemy without them being able to retaliate, and you get the idea.) You can see the blue (for now) which indicates commander skills and how it is modifying soldier skills, and the red, which shows the stats as modified by a wound.

In the end it will be the same engine, so all it is really is a skin of graphics and tweaking. Anyway... we'll see what we like!


Gunfreak said...

Nah, Napoleonic first, then modern

Ulu Elsomalien said...

Nah, modern first. Napoleonic.... in a other life.