Friday, December 19, 2008

"The Grassy Lane"

I finally finished!

This little scene, which I have titled "The Grassy Lane," is a Christmas gift for my father-in-law. He is a big Rev. War buff, and I thought he might enjoy this.

I bought the figures for this at Fall In. They are 25mm from Eureka; they make
some EXCELLENT ragged Continentals, designed to fit in flawlessly with the best miniatures in the biz, the Perry figures.

I went with a brown jacket/red turnback jacket combo... I realized only after I finished up that I hadn't done the white and hearts on the turnbacks, so I'll do those soon, but probably not until tomorrow. Anyway, overall I think they came out pretty sharp.

The base is a piece from Gale Force 9, with pink insulation foam to build up both sides to represent the
slightly-worn sides of a New England path. Some sand, some bark, and voila! In the pictures it is hard to see, but the land is built up on both sides of the men... they are in a neatly worn depression, where they can, at least, find a modicum of cover!

I had to put a little thought into how the men should be set up... in my head I saw the two guys in the center as the centerpieces, as the heroes of this little
vignette. Someplace they must have had a near scrape, or dove for cover, or clubbed down a British redcoat, and so both have lost their hats, but they fight on. Are they, in fact, father and son? A ragged veteran of Bunker Hill and Bennington, and the new recruit he is trying to protect? Who knows. These ragged Connecticut boys have formed up on a little worn grassy lane and begun to exchange fire with some nearby Lobsterbacks... surely they won't all be standing shortly!

Anyway... I think it will be a neat Christmas present. Heck, I'd take it anytime!


Giles said...

That's a lovely vignette, Lord A. Very effective and well composed. Nice one!

Best wishes


Author said...

Ahh... when you get a compliment from The Master of AWI, that is always nice!:) Thanks Giles!

Can I ask... any recommendations for photo taking? For some reason this group is just not turning out that well... anyway, any suggestions?