Sunday, December 28, 2008

A few shots of the Wargames Room

Given that I think I am finally getting towards the end of decorating the Wargames Room, I thought I would share a few shots.

The room has a very rich, warm feeling to it. Honestly, walking in, with the lights as they are, the lit cabinets, the prints and the weapons and the pack and
the rest... it has really turned out exactly as I hoped.

To the right is a shot of my painting area. It is a bit of a mess at the moment as I have a few projects on the bench, and my painting lamp is in another room, but you can still get an idea of what the area looks like. My American Civil War sword and kepi hang next to the painting alcove, and my Scottish claymore hangs on the adjacent wall. There are two prints here; an 1811 French infantry officers, musicians, and sappeurs print, and an 1805 French cavalry uniform print. Above my painting table is my 1888 French military handkerchief, which has, printed around the outside, instructions for the newest soldiers to learn their responsibilities!

On the opposite wall is the main miniature cabinets. In the left-hand one (cabinet #1) is my 25mm French Napoleonic army, my 15mm WWII German army, and a bunch of my 15mm ACW soldiers, both Federal and Confederate. In the center of the wall is my original 1864 double bag. Above that hang two black and white photos of the "Cutty Sark" and the "U.S.S. Constitution." Between the ship photos is a collection of original minie balls and a Federal eagle button. On the right-hand side, in cabinet #2, is my 25mm Napoleonic Russian army, my Lord of the Rings figures, and the beginning of my 25mm Napoleonic Austrian army. And hanging above it all? My Brown Bess.

Finally there is the entrance, which has only a single print, the age of which is unknown, illustrating the proper techniques for the parry and the riposte!

So... that is The House of War! I'll have some more miniatures coming up soon, but with the room coming together, I thought I should take a few shots. And if anyone is in the northern NJ area and wants to come by for a game, just let me know!

Anyway... let's get back to miniatures! Next up... some more WWII Germans, both 15mm and 25mm!


Gunfreak said...

Thats just such a wonderfull gaming room, you lucky lucky bastard ;D

Author said...

Ahh finally, a comment! Glad you enjoyed, Gun... someday dude I am pretty sure you'll set up the same!:) When are we going to get new shots of your new scenery?

Anonymous said...

Not to rain on your parade or anything, because your room makes me jealous, but where are you going to put the dead guys as you are playing? I would have thought the shelves underneath but you have used them for books.
I envision a similar set up once my kids move out and that was an issue that crossed my mind.

Author said...

Hey man!

Believe you me, I have thought of that often!:D

For now I have a few small folding tables that I keep along the side walls for the dead... it is tough, as the shelves are totally full! Honestly I have lots of boxes and such, so dead guys can always go to the folding tables and, when they are in the way, back to their boxes.

Thanks for coming by and for the kind words!