Tuesday, December 30, 2008

25mm WWII Germans - Infantry Squad 1

Hey all!

Well, after SO many non-miniature posts, I thought I would get a few different miniature posts up. First up; the first unit of my 25mm WWII German army!

My 25mm WWII German force is quite small; in fact, it is only two squads of 10.
The stern officer with the briefcase here is actually from the second unit, but I included him here anyway. This squad has a few submachine guns, as well as a heavy duty MG42, which was one of the most famous German weapons of the war. It's ferocious rate of fire (something in the realm of 1,2000 rounds per minute) created a very identifiable sound, and it really became, along with a few other weapons like the Tiger tank, a symbol of the German war machine. My favorite is probably the officer with the submachine gun who is pointing which way to go.. the great coat is a good look, and he just looks mean as hell!

These guys actually have a modeled movement tray they normally sit in, and the MG42 sits behind a ruined brick wall (you can see one of the bricks on the stand of one of the submachine gunners) but for the life of me I cannot find it!

The officer in black is meant to be an SS officer... speaking of which, I highly recommend the new series "Hitlers Bodyguard," all about the SS and the other troops dedicated to protecting Hitler during WWII; fascinating stuff!

All of these guys are Foundry troops.

Coming up later on Wednesday... some 15mm WWII Germans, my 15mm ACW Sharpshooters, and my first ever music review, of some of the marvelous work of the Camp Chase Fife and Drums!

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