Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Workbench: Some more zombie survivors

Hey all!

Okay, I took the day off to take care of my daughter, who has a cold... who doesn't, at this point!:(

She napped for a bit on the couch, so I took that time to do a little work I've wanted to do for a while!

I picked up Mantic's "The Walking Dead" some time ago, and while I really like the figures, I didn't like one thing in particular, about them... they have NO bags!  I am a big believer that zombie survivors should be loaded down... they should all have packs, and every one has to have a canteen.  So... a little green stuff and some bags, and voila!

So this is them.  I think they turned out rather good... I'll get some paint on them, and hopefully they will match up with the survivors I currently have!


Scott MacPhee said...

Nice to see the extra work you put into these!

Author said...

Hey Scott! Yeah, I just feel like I want my zombie survivors to look real… And I feel like they need to have supplies, and the canteen... all the stuff that we need to keep going, you know? They shouldn't have nothing on them :-) thanks for stopping by Scott, always a huge fan of your work!