Sunday, February 11, 2018

My "The Walking Dead" campaign kicks off!

Hey all!

Well... I've developed a wonderfully simple solo campaign system for "The Walking Dead" and played a game with my son on a Daddy/Son day (X-Wing photos still to come).

We sent three guys off to explore the world... Derek, Jim, and Dale (using the Walking Dead names, but not it's not them).  It turned out to be a "Save the Survivor" mission!

Here he is; Allen, who is cowering behind a car when he sees us enter the board.

Jim was able to get to him quick and convince him we were the good guys.  Both guys snuck off to see what they could find in terms of supplies. 

We found a few things, including thankfully some food, which we desperately needed.  Zombies did follow our guys around the board a bit!

Here you can see where everyone is a ways into the game.

Well, that sucks.  I hate the car alarm:)   I may actually make it a roll to see if it happens, because otherwise its just too predictable.

We had gotten nearly all of the supplies on the board, so my two guys (including the new guy!) backed off and headed back the way we came in.

Our other two survivors headed towards a building to check one last pile of supplies.  There was one zombie in the way...

And then another joined in!  Thankfully the guys knocked them down and out pretty quickly.

More and more zombies were coming, so after checking the last supply dump we were out!

So here is the team at the end of the game!  We actually have TOO MANY survivors; we cannot find enough food for them all!  So health is dropping a bit as our people are starving a bit.

Anyway, good stuff!  I'll post the SUPER simple rules for the campaign soon, because I think they work SO very well!


Scott MacPhee said...

Looks like a fun day's gaming with your son! Did he enjoy the game?

Author said...

He did indeed! He was needing some Daddy time (been working and busy a lot the last week). That said, doing a game of The Walking Dead followed by a game of X Wing with a six year old can be a bit taxing... I was exhausted by the end!:)