Sunday, February 18, 2018

A cool new product for making individual leaves

Hey all!

Okay, thought I would share an interesting new product I picked up!

Now, everyone loves the way that individual leaves look on the bases of our toy soldiers.  And I found a pretty neat product for it!

Check it out!  From Greenstuffworld, this 25mm leaf punch is a punch with the shapes of four different types of leaves.  Grab some paper and punch away!

Here are the leaves I made on my first try.  I used yellow, orange, and red construction paper that I had given a bit of a brown wash.  In retrospect, a little more wash would have been good.

Here you can see the actual punches.  It's pretty cool!

Now, I put some on some bases of my zombie survivors, but I've decided now against that any more... it just looks a bit off, having those on the bases if the scene isn't a fall one.  Instead, I think what I will do is I'll buy a few fall trees at Cold Wars, and then, when I want to do a fall-time game, I'll put out the fall trees and then scatter the leafs around loosely.  

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