Sunday, February 18, 2018

Some photos from an X-Wing game...

Hey all!

Well, last week my son and I had a "Father and Son" day of games.  One game we played was X-Wing!

I let him pick the teams.  He's watched a lot of "Rebels" recently, and so wanted a Defender in there... and the Falcon doesn't hurt either!  So I took Han Solo, and he took three generics... two Interceptors, along with his Defender.

He flew his TIE fighters fairly well, although he did end up facing the wrong way a few times... but hey, he is only 6:)  

"Get those TIE fighters off me!" shouted Han to Chewie.

I did loop in and out a few times, blasting away, but I just couldn't put the killing shot on a TIE fighter!

I swept back around and towards the TIE fighters, trying to take a few down...

And while I did shoot one interceptor down, the Defender proved to be too much to handle... he blew me out of the sky!

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