Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Some progress on the "Sharpe" commission

Hey all!

Thought I would chime in with some progress on the "Sharpe" commission!

I am a bit behind, as I had a pretty nasty injury... I was using a hand wood saw, and it jumped and went right across my pointer finger.  Should have gotten stitches but I skipped on them... but it slowed me down a bit.

Anyway, they aren't done yet.  This group is nearly finished, just needs some highlighting and some detail work, and then being based.  I've got two more Rifles who are undercoated, Major Hogan who just got here in the mail, and am waiting on the basis for Teresa, which hasn't arrived yet... a bit slow getting here from England.  All things considered, though, I think they look good!:)


Family Erize said...

Looking awesome !!!!

Schogun said...

What figure did you decide on for Major Hogan?

Dan said...