Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Okay readers... some help with a "Sharpe" project, please?

Hi all!

Okay, I am turning to all of you out there for some help, as you likely know more combined than I ever could!

I am looking at finding some specific bits and pieces for this Sharpe project!

First, I need a good mounted figure to represent a British Engineer officer. I've seen the colors of the uniform, but is it just a regular mounted British officer painted differently?  I think this guy would work, no?

Second, okay, anyone have any ideas of a female figure with a rifle I could use as a basis for Teresa?  I was thinking maybe this figure...

With some serious conversions... rifle instead of sword, hat gone, hair resculpted, maybe a cross belt or something to hide a BIT of the cleavage... but I wanted something somewhat feminine and a little sexy, since it IS a Sharpe project... thoughts?  Anyone have a better recommendation?

Third, does anyone make a weapon pack that might contain a Nock rifle?  Or how about some French packs?  I know this is a long shot, but...

Fourth… I am DYING to find the rifleman who is lying down and using his feet to steady his rifle in this photo, sold as a single figure:

Anyone out there know if that is possible, or even HAVE this set and would be willing to part with him?

One last thing... I am looking for a pretty specific bit... Someplace out there there is a "bit" that is basically like a rabbit or something that someone has hunted for food and is now hanging on a belt.For the LIFE of me I cannot remember where I saw it... on a sprue, somewhere... was it Games Workshop?  It wasn't from the new Frostgrave parts... but I cannot remember where it came from!  Anyone out there know where such a bit might come from... or, even better, anyone have one I can buy off you?!:)

Thanks guys, in advance!:D


Steven Whitesell said...

Of course you mean the wonderful figure based on Rifleman Plunket who felled General de Brigade Auguste Colbert using a Baker rifle at 600 meters :) I wish I had that figure too - and I don't even game with 28mm!!!

Schogun said...

Teresa with a musket, from Brigade Games:
I also have a mounted Teresa, from Redoubt:

"Harper" with a Nock rifle -- Redoubt, Alban and Chiltern made Sharpe and Harper figs. Redoubt's are still available:

British Engineers wore a standard infantry uniform, red with "Garter Blue" (a lighter shade than the dark blue facings worn by "royal" regiments). So any officer would do.

If you're looking for a Major Hogan-type with a more civilian dress, perhaps the mounted Nap civilian in Front Rank's CNPK2...with a head swap?
Or the mounted figure in Redoubt pack with Teresa:


Wigglesbotham Lannister said...

There is a rabbit from the GW Bretonnians, the archers I think. Both a rabbit and a game bird. The Empire archers/hunters also have some birds and such.