Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Richard Sharpe... with a pelisse?!

Okay, I am a bit stuck.

So, I ordered the pack shown above from the Perry twins.

As always, they look great.

Buuuuttt... the best soldier of the bunch for Richard Sharpe, the third from the left, is wearing a pelisse.  And it just is not an easy task to get rid of... it is covering his entire arm and back, and I frankly am not sure I am capable of removing it and resculpting what is left.

My only other option is a heavy conversion of a Perry plastic rifle, but I'm not sure that will look more dynamic or interesting.

I could move the sword to the other hand and put a rifle in that one, and make sure the sword is straight, and do the cavalry pants... but is that enough to make it Richard Sharpe?  Is the pelisse a disaster?



Lasgunpacker said...

It is a good figure... but Sharpe would not wear a pelisse. Could you make it into something else? Cut the arms and head off, and replace with a plastic rifle torso? As I recall, the Perry metal is pretty soft, so a jeweler's saw ought to make quick work of it.

A.P. said...

Is there any way to turn it into the jacket the sharpe character wore during the Waterloo portion of that mini series?
Don't know if that helps much. That is quite a conundrum.,_2555.jpg

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Sharpe would be turning in his grave.. wearing the jacket of a donkey walloper?! Forsooth...! :o)