Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Some great classic Epic 40k armies!

Hey all!

Well, for Mother's Day I visited my parents for lunch, and took a few minutes to go up to the barn to take a look through some of the old boxes of toys with my son!

And up there I did find some GREAT stuff... namely, the old Epic collections that I assembled with my buddy!

Epic was the game we actually played the most, and we started in with it right at the age where we could start assembling proper collections, rather than haphazard mixes of figures.

All I had was my iPhone with me, so I'll get better pictures some day, but for now... I thought these were worth sharing!:)

I didn't take pictures of the vast majority of it; I took photos of representatives of each force, but all told this is... I don't know, maybe 15 percent of the whole collection?  Each army is HUGE, and we have tons and tons of guys.  I didn't even take any photos of the Space Marine army, Imperial Guard army, or Eldar, but each is massive, with basically every special unit and vehicle made, along with titans and a ton of scenery.

At the top is my buddy's Squat stronghold, along with a few assorted stands of figures guarding it, as well as some of the war machines they had.  The squat collection is actually pretty large, and I didn't get photos of 99 percent of it.

I have a TON of orcs.  I generally painted up three clans, along with absolute OODLES of vehicles.  First up, some Evil Sunz orcs.

My Snake Bite nobz.

The Bad Moons.

Some of the Thousand Sons army.  There was a TON of infantry, along with dreads, disc riders, and several other bits, as well as their Primarch, Magnus.

World Eaters, baby!  The included again a ton of infantry, lots of beastmen, minotaurs, an absolute HORDE of juggernauts, and some cool customized dreadnaughts.

My two stands of Deathwing terminators, because... well, because they are cool!:)

So that's it... a little walk down memory lane!  Some day I'll get them all together and take some GOOD photos... we have a ton of scenery and the like, so I should be able to do some pretty cool setups!:)

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Michael Mills said...

Great stuff! That makes me want to get back to my Squats project...