Monday, May 30, 2016

Some amazing Crescent Root 15mm European buildings

Hey all!

I stopped by my buddy's place, and he had this out on his new little table... a FANTASTIC set of 15mm World War II (or really any place European) buildings!

Now, for those folks who don't already know Crescent Root; for shame!  They are a relatively new company that does finished terrain, both buildings but also some GREAT ancillary stuff like sidewalks and fountains and the like.  This is their series 3 set.

What is especially cool is not only can the buildings be put out "normal" style, but every one comes with the ability to convert it to destroyed as well!

These guys are also on a really nice matt they sell.  It is like a mouse pad, but really nicely printed.

Overall they are REALLY beautiful.  Not cheap, for sure, but SO worth it for anyone who invests a bit into their wargaming, and ESPECIALLY for those people who have huge lead mountains... sell some of that never-going-to-get-painted mess and pick these up!

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