Sunday, May 29, 2016

2nd Perry "Retreat from Moscow" Infantry unit finished!

Hi all!

Well, my second unit of French for my Perry "Retreat from Moscow" Napoleonic project is done!

This group is similar to the last... three stands of four, with six "filler" stands that can be combined into three more stands.  They have the same footprint and base numbers as my regular French army, with the idea that this is what is left of that army after a disastrous trip into Russia!

The last finished unit had an Eagle, but this one has a flag, courtesy of a guy with a spear and a spare GMB flag.

Here is a shot from the back.

These are the filler stands.  Two people who have given up and sat down, one dead (looking at him, I need to add a bit of snow), one woman who is trudging along behind the men, and one tree stump.  I might move the stump onto the OTHER finished unit... the nice thing about the fillers is I can move them around as I come up with new ideas to keep the units consistent.

Here is the infantry again, spread out so you can see them better.  Looking at the photo now, I hope the cockade on the infantry officer is okay... is it really all black?  I better check.

And one more shot!  I think the flag guy came out great. 

Thanks for coming by and looking!  I have to finish up the sled, and then I'll do a few stands of skirmishers to screen the two infantry units.

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Phil said...

Atmospheric and very impressive...excellent job!