Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A fantastic book from my youth!

Hey all!

Thought I would share... I picked up this fantastic book from my parents' house when I visited for lunch!

The book is "Great Battlefields of the World," by John McDonald.  It was a book I got when I was young, and DEVOURED... tons of great images of great battlefields from throughout time.  It still holds up, and as a war gamer it really provides some GREAT visuals.

A good example is at the top... it is from Waterloo, as the French Old Guard attacks the British ridge at the end of the battle

Here is the title page...

A shot of the Waterloo section... the French cavalry attacks the British squares.

Here is the first shot of the Waterloo section, with a great overview of the battlefield.

Here is Gettysburg, Day 1.

Here is Saratoga, from the AWI.

Here is Blenheim, from the war of Spanish Succession.  

The book is available on Amazon (see the link above) for SUPER cheap... you can get it for a buck!

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Michael Mills said...

Still got my copy and do occasionally open it when I want some inspiration. Marvellous eye candy.