Friday, February 26, 2016

Some cars for the 15mm moderns

Hey all!

Well, thanks to a buddy of mine, I have a few cars for the 15mm Moderns!

Now, because my table/game basically works one block at a time, you don't need many cars to make it look pretty full.

So he gave me four (out of a bag of like 50 cars... he is doing his table on a FAR larger scale!) and one night we hung out and painted them up!

We did two cars that are basically in good shape.  One, a white one, is a bit beat up, with a replaced front fender in a different color.  The other is a nice looking blue car, whose owner apparently really pissed someone off, judging by the bullet holes through the windshield!

We also did two destroyed cars.  One had taken a few bullets to it... maybe someone was talking cover?  The other is a straight wreck.

Here is a shot of some Americans moving up the street past one of the cars... overall, I think they look great!

Next up I'll share some other goodies my buddy donated to my little set-up... having a buddy who donates random awesome stuff is a pretty sweet deal!:D

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