Thursday, February 25, 2016

A new project; a 28mmFrench army retreating from Moscow!

Hey all!

I know that the blog has been super quiet recently, although actually I've gotten a ton done... new moderns stuff, some new Armada stuff, and even some stuff for my Vikings!  I just haven't gotten to take photos and post them!

Having said that, I DID just purchase the materials for a new project that I am SUPER excited for!

So, soon to begin?  My "Retreat from Moscow" project!

Done using the fantastic 28mm Perry Twins "Retreat from Moscow" line, I will be doing a small army to represent my own 28mm French army as it would have look retreating after Napoleon's disastrous march into Russia.

Since it is supposed to represent my own current army on the retreat, base sizes and movement tray sizes will be the same as my main French army.  Right now I am planning for three units of infantry (half of what my current French army has) with a screening base of light infantry for each one.  I will have a single unit of cavalry, although only three will be mounted... there will be a few dismounted cavalry and a dead horse to fill out the movement tray.  I will also do two of the sleds.  No artillery, as the guns would have been left behind.

I'll be focusing a great deal on the modeling of this project... lots of dead and dying scattered around, scavengers... the whole nine yards.  The infantry units will be guys in line because I DO want to make sure they are game-able (even though I never game with my 28s!)  But still, I want them to look NICE... time to work on my snow scatter technique!

Anyway, as I get the figures based up I'll post a bit more of the specifics... but I am looking forward to the project!


CelticCurmudgeon said...

What a tremendous project to start! The figures already transmit a certain "frozen, desperate" look. I understand that you don't want to game in this scale but it would be fun to have the French have to deal with some Russian raiders. I keep thinking back to those scenes in the most modern version of "War & Peace" with all the various Cossack and light cavalry raiders nipping at the French heals.
Congrats on a superlative choice of project and an even better execution.

Michael Mills said...

Looking forward to what you've got in mind! When I saw the painting it reminded me of my own efforts a while back :-)