Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Lots of Armada Rogues and Villains, and a Shuttle!

Hey all!

Okay, I got a few more Armada squadrons painted up, and FINALLY got some photos!

First up... a shuttle, courtesy of Mels Minis on Shapeways!  I have to think a bit about rules for it...

Next up, the Aggressor, IG-88s ship, and the Punishing One, Dengar's ship!

Here is Outrider, flown by Dash Rendar.

And finally, here is Nym's Havoc, with one or two finishing touches left to do!

Hope everyone enjoys!

1 comment:

Derek Fulton said...

Looks very nice, maybe one day I'll have to give in and paint my armada fighters as well.