Saturday, December 26, 2015

Some photos from a 15mm Moderns game

 Hey all!

Thought I would share a few photos of the set-up currently on one of the tables... my 15mm moderns game!  We are three city blocks into the game, but had to take a break... so I thought I would snap a few photos!

Here is the first block of the game... we had a TON of contacts show up at the far corner.

These are the two teams; Humvees with infantry, including a few contractors in the right-most group.

Turns out those contacts had a technical with them... (ignore that Armada die, no idea why that is there...)

But the humvees SLAUGHTERED the enemies there, as well as the technical.

I think I forgot to take photos of the second block... this is the third, as we entered it.

We got down the block in force, using the humvees to cover alleyways.

This is where we ended up, having destroyed the enemies who appeared (I think most of the contacts ended up being civilians... women carrying laundry and kids chasing balls and the rest...)

Another shot down the street.

After we ended, I stuck a few vehicles in there, just for looks... the picture at the top of the post included the Blackhawk!

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