Friday, December 25, 2015

My son's Christmas gift

Hey all!

Well, my son (who is four) adores my toy soldiers.  So I figured I should paint him up an army for Christmas!

I went with the AWI, because it is a fairly classic conflict, has two distinct colors (blue and red) and features some great flags and great uniforms.  I settled on 40mm because they are big and heavy, which feels right for toy soldiers.  I was originally going to do Sash and Saber, but ended up going with Trident.  Sash and Saber would be what I would use because they are all marching, but I figure for a little kid you want shooting figures.

Anyway... I put it in this tray and gave it to him this morning!

Here is George Washington, leader of the American forces.

Here is the unit of American continentals.

Here is one of the two units of militia.  This unit has a woman in it, because... well, America and diversity and everything:)

Here is the other unit of militia (which includes an African-American... again, America and diversity and everything) and the American rifles, who are skirmishers.

The British are led by Cornwallis (and one of his hounds!)

Here are the jaegers, who serve as the skirmishers for the British force.  Behind them is a unit of British regulars.

And here is the unit of British grenadiers!

Overall it is a cool little force, with plenty of room for expansion (artillery, cavalry, more infantry, etc).  I am not sure how much he will appreciate it at this age (and this Christmas it is competing with some Legos and a bunch of Star Wars, including a vintage AT-ST) but I know it will be a great set of toys for years to come!


Phyllion said...

An awesome gift for such a young gentleman. I'm sure he will appreciate it for years to come.

Michael Mills said...

That's the way to set him on the right path. I'm sure he was thrilled.