Saturday, December 5, 2015

First two Armada "Rogues and Villains" painted

Hey all!

Sorry, it has been an AGE since I updated, even though I have a LOT of new stuff painted!

Anyway... first up, my first two ships from the Star Wars Armada "Rogues and Villains" expansion!  Slave 1, and the Falcon.  I do sort of wish I had seen how severe the casting lines were on these ships, as I didn't scrape them down, but now they are really, really noticeable to me.

But overall, I am very happy with how they turned out!  Wish I could paint these for a living, the little ships are a LOT of fun!:)


Phyllion said...

Oh now they look cool all painted up

thedrake70458 said...

How did you do the space worm and asteroid??? That is too cool!

Author said...

Hey, glad you liked them! The asteroid was from Space Rocks (which appears to have gone the Cease and Desist route:( ) and I added the worm using green stuff. Thanks for the kind words!