Sunday, December 13, 2015

40mm AWI British Regulars and Continentals

Hey all!

Okay, I have a BUNCH of finished stuff sitting that I need to get on the blog, including three units of 40mm AWI!

Here is one of them... a unit of British regulars who I never really took the "finished!" pictures for.

Again, these are for my son for Christmas, so they are VERY simply painted... just about no highlighting, mainly just a basecoat and then a brown wash!

I also finished up a unit of American continentals!

Like with the Brits, these were REALLY simply painted... base colors, and then a wash, and voila!  I have been adding a LITTLE bit of highlighting here and there, because I can't resist, but for the most part...

I am also still REALLY struggling with photographing guys in the new space.  I think I may have to go ahead and build a light box, because I feel like the colors never turn out right.

BTW, here is the drummer boy... I think I got across that he is a kid, no?

So that's it!  More to come, probably today, including some 15mm moderns from a recent game and also a little on a play test of Sam Mustafa's new spaceship game, "Freejumper."

Good times for toy soldiers!

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