Friday, August 2, 2013

Any experience with Army Painter snow scatter?

Hey all!

Looking for some snow... the Gale Force 9 stuff is unavailable from the place I normally get it, but they DO have Army Painter snow scatter.  I am going to be a LOT of snow; does anyone have any experience with the product?  Any good?



Chris Stoesen said...

I am interested in this. I have no experience with it. Is it an item that you can remove from a table/figures once you are done with it?

CT Wargamer said...


I've not used that one, but have used the Woodlands Scenics one (model railroad version). I found that they tend to dry quite translucent on the first few. After that, I changed it a bit, and mixed a ratio of about 30% white paint to glue, and used that on the bases of the figures, then sprinkled the flock on top of it, pressing into mixture with back of a paint brush. I can take some photos for you, if you like?