Saturday, August 24, 2013

Group painting night

Hi all!

A few nights ago a few fellows I know got together to get some painting done... they were wanting to get a bunch of ACW figures finished off for a big club Longstreet game, and I figured I could help out a bit!

Above you can see a bunch of the figures getting worked on... a LOT of Federal infantry, including some zouaves (woof) and then a bevy of Rebs, as well!  To the right is the fellows I worked on... they needed their leathers done, canteens, haversacks, kepis, guns, brass, and one or two other bits.  By the end of the night they were basically finished up and ready for a dip!

I should have some nice photos from the game, when it happens the weekend after next... so stay tuned!:)


Mikko Asikainen said...

Group painting nights are almost as enjoyable as group gaming nights.

Chris Stoesen said...

Excellent. Would love to do this.