Thursday, July 25, 2013

A few good computer/iPad games for wargamers!

Hey all!

Okay, I know I've been gone this summer, but I DID want to pop back on to recommend a trio of games that I've played recently!

First up is Warhammer Quest, for the iPad.  Yep, THAT Warhammer Quest.  There isn't a lot to say, except if you liked the tabletop version, this is it:)  Graphics are nice, interface is smooth, and the game is a lot of fun.  Plus, it has a lot of that Warhammer "feel" as you explore the Empire and Old World!  There are expansions for sale as well, including a skaven one... I'll have to check that out:)

Second, check out Sid Meier's Ace Patrol, seen at the top of this post!  It is basically Wings of Glory/War in the iPad.  Again, if you like the tabletop version, this will likely appeal to you, as you fly your WWI aces through mission after mission.  Again, there is a lot for sale, but the original game I believe is free, or at least very cheap!:)

Lastly, for the PC and Mac, check out Faster Than Light (FTL).  Sure the graphics look very 1990s, but the game is solid.  Basically you are a ship captain flying through the galaxy, a vengeful enemy on your tail, upgrading and developing your ship and your crew and fending off baddies left and right!  It is very simple to play but still a TOUGH game... dead is dead, and then you are back to the start.  But still, even if it can be very frustrating, it is fun.

So... hope you all can give them a look!

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Mikko Asikainen said...

It just bugs me that the games industry doesn't give much love to Android, even though there are way more 'Droid smartphones and tablets than there are iDevices.

Jay said...

Another one you might wanna check out on the ipad is Star Command. It's sort of a revival of X-Com/Star Control/Master of Orion game styles.

An Android and PC version is in the works!