Monday, July 22, 2013

Asking for help with my next scene!

Hi all!

Okay, I am starting purchasing and work on the next scene; the Rocky Mountain pathfinder diorama for my father in law (the plan for which can be seen above).

I am gathering the trees, and the cliff will likely be carved from foam.

I am planning for a single mountain man standing on the blue... likely the "Joe Meek" figure from the pack below.  I'd like to get rid of the gun in his hand.  I might also use the Jed Smith figure, as long as I can carve off the gun.

But I am running into a few issues, and I thought I might ask for help from those of you who know more than I about this range and era!

First off... is there anyone out there who makes 28mm mules WITHOUT a load on their back?  I mean... the guys would unload the mule at night, right?

Second... would the guys also have horses?  And if so, who on earth makes an appropriate horse just hanging around?  Would the saddles be off?

Lastly... what about camp stuff?  What kind of things would you think the guys would have around the fire?  Boxes?  Bags?  A little lean to?  I'd really love to hear some recommendations for equipment to put around the camp.

Anyway... some help is appreciated!:D


Paint-In said...

Maybe ask Foundry if the mule comes with the bagage seperate (I think it would make sense from a mouldmakers perspective) that way you can also use (part) for the campsite.

Chris Stoesen said...

Check irregular as well. They would likely have mules that would suit.

Robert Singers said...

Foundry DA2/2 has a donkey with just a strap across the haunches that would file off nicely.

Same Darkest Africa collection has baggage.