Thursday, July 11, 2013

My newest 25mm Naval Scene gift

Hey all!

First off, sorry for being away for so long!  Not only have I been in the toughest part of the work year, but I've also had a little boy who got sick and then forgot how to sleep.  So the last six weeks have been really, really tough, with no chance for posting.

But that doesn't mean no toy soldier stuff has gotten done!

My boss, after years and years of work, retired just a few weeks ago.  He is a HUGE naval history buff and model ship builder, and had helped me on the Nelson scene for my father.

So... I wanted to make something more interesting than a gift card as a gift!

I picked up a British Naval Captain, painted him up, put him on a base, and voila!  I also got a nameplate done, with his name and the name of my work as the ship name.  He rather enjoyed it!

BTW, I have the other captain figure now sitting around.  Anyone need a British Napoleonic officer yelling commands?  I'll put up a photo soon.


Chris Stoesen said...

What scale?

Author said...


Chris Stoesen said...

Very nice mini. Excellent work. Just now my scale. :(