Sunday, April 15, 2012

IED markers finished

Hey all!

Well, I threw some paint on the IED markers... there are three of them, with ominous black things sticking out of the ground (maybe the rear of a shell or something) and covered with debris.

I am using these to mark potential IEDs in my 15mm moderns game.  If a figure moves at full speed within a few inches of them (not sure if I want to do template or inches... still thinking) they have a chance of setting them off.  A figure moving at half speed has a much lower chance of setting anything off.  A foot figure who approaches them can then examine them and, if they turn out to be dangerous, disarm them (sometimes they represent just a pile of junk.)  I am still working on how to do the rules for them... I want them to reflect a few things; first, that troops approaching them have to approach carefully, lest they set them off (thus slowing down the NATO troops and allowing the insurgents more time to set up) that they can be just debris and rubble, and that they can be disarmed.  I do need to make sure that the math "works" and that I don't somehow let there be MORE of a chance of them being an IED when players are near them than when players go to disarm them.  The math might be slightly tricky.

Oh, and I am buying this Peter Pig set.  You have to, right?

Of course the photos never do them justice... they look MUCH better in real life.

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Ray Rousell said...

Very nice!!!! That's a great little set from PP!!