Monday, April 9, 2012

15mm Modern games

Hey all!

Well, a buddy of mine stopped by today, and we hung out a bit and played a bit of testing of the moderns game I was thinking about!

We did a pair of games on a single tile with two American patrols (one with a humvee as support) going to kill a rebel leader.

Above is a shot of NATO troops moving across the board... there is a building in front of them with a few insurgents in it.  The humvee is parked at the intersection, laying down supporting fire.

Here you can see the humvee firing to try to pin down two insurgents.  This was in the second game... in the first, an insurgent actually managed to pop around a corner and smoke the humvee with an RPG, despite a hail of gunfire coming his way.

Some NATO troops prepare to storm the building.

A Marine patrol makes it up the building and takes out the insurgent on the roof.

Some of my new "possible target" markers... sometimes they are bad guys, sometimes they are bad guys, sometimes they are just civilians or dogs.

Used a movement tray to move some guys... now a movement tray of toy soldering goodness!:)

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Barks said...

I like your blind markers- I'll have to steal that in the future.