Thursday, April 12, 2012

How I generate tiles for my 15mm Moderns

Hey all!

Just whipped up this quick graphic to demonstrate how I randomly generate my tiles for my 15mm Moderns game.

There are five aspects.

First, you roll up the road layout.

Then you roll up if there are any open spaces (i.e. lack of much cover and buildings) in the tile.  This particularly means no elevated terrain.  I use open palm groves, or parks, or squares, or even markets for this.

Then you roll up the buildings.  This is fairly open-ended, because it is determined in some ways by the buildings you have available.  Generally you want to put the types of buildings you roll up along the road, as they are usually the more important buildings... that is good enough to give the "feel" that you rolled up, either of lower buildings along the roadway or taller buildings.

Next you roll for IED markers.  I think this is straight forward.  The exactly width of your markers vs the width of your roads doesn't matter; the entire road, width-wise, is treated as possibly mined.

Then you roll for blinds, which represent possible enemies.  Please note; there is more of a chance of enemies being in the far half of the tile than the near half.

Not sure if anyone will like this, but I figured why not share?:)

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Mazikainen said...

What is the chance that a "possible IED" really is one? It seems that the chance of getting a probable IED is quite high as each road "quarter" has a 2/6 probability of getting a "possible IED".

Somehow it seems that the number of potential IED's may end up being quite high if the mission is supposed to be something else than a IED clearing mission on an area which is known to be heavily mined.

Of course, it does make the players look at what they step on :)