Monday, April 16, 2012

Final block of the 15mm Modern game rolled and ready...

Hey all!

Okay, I rolled up the final block for my 15mm modern game that I started when a buddy of mine stopped by...

I used the "chart" that I posted on an earlier blog post.  Turned out it was a four way intersection.  There were no open areas (no squares or parks or anything) and three of the four "quarters" ended up being tall buildings... the near left quarter was lower buildings and emptier.  Two of the blinds ended up being scattered among the two rear quarters, although two ended up in the block quarter to the right of the NATO troops... definitely a dangerous spot, but the NATO troops could, if they moved carefully, get the drop on them.

And the target was rolled up as well; he is somewhere in the buildings in the top left quarter. The troops will have to sweep the buildings to find him... he is in there somewhere, along with some bodyguards I would assume!

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