Saturday, December 10, 2011

Two honest wargamers!

So... I recently had the good fortune of dealing with some SERIOUSLY honest wargamers!

As most of you know, I recently had my first kid, and unfortunately between that and a pay freeze at work thanks to a lack of contract bills have been getting a little intimidating.

So, I decided I'd try to sell some of my older figures that were sitting around not getting played with!

First up, I had someone express an interest in my old Warhammer figures... this particular gent has a blog all about them...

He asked what I would like as a price.  Well, I thought about it, and emailed him back with a price, only to immediately email him again with a slightly lower price... I didn't really know what they were worth and didn't want to seem like a money hog.  So, two emails sent, I waited!

And promptly got back an email saying I was insane, and that the buyer wouldn't give me less than three times what I was asking, and even THAT wasn't necessarily a fair price.

Seriously now?  Who does that?  Well, a very honest chap, that's who!:)

Then it happened again!  I had a bunch of Epic 40k figures that I needed to sell, and a chap named Chris emailed me, interested in buying them.  Again, I give a quote, and again a buyer says I am nuts and insists on paying more!  WTF, people... don't you know to take advantage of folks?

It was funny because I was trying so desperately not to rip anyone off, because the figures weren't getting played with while I had them, and both guys ended up having to guide me through the process.

So... kudos to two VERY fair and honest wargamers!  Thanks from this overworked and underpaid new dad!:D


Remco said...

I like this figure a lot!

muzik212 said...

You know more 'chaps' and 'fellows' than any non-enlishman I know!

Author said...

Shut it, you.

Hey, the guy who bought the Warhammer stuff was British, at least!

Gaj said...

Hi L.A.

Thanks for mention and the bigging up the site! I'm thrilled with the figures and they were worth every penny. Of course, you didn't tell your readers how patient, trusting and understanding you were.

So - here's to 'one honest supplier!'

Of course, it will take me a year to get around to painting them, but I'll be sure to let you know when I paint something nice to look at :)


Titivillus said...

I'm glad I could give those Epic models a good home and help you out at the same time! I'll be sure to get some photos up when I get them painted.

- Chris

Author said...

Thanks so much for coming by guys! Looking forward to seeing them all painted up and in their new home!:)

Willie Anderson said...

Nice story!