Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our first XBOX wargame is well underway!

Hey all!

So, I know it has been a while, but I've also gotten back to our first XBOX wargame, which we started some time ago but laid off of for a while...

Thought I would include some screenshots... the game is pretty playable, although it is missing some key functions.  I've been playing a LOT of the Dictator faction recently... while the Dictator doesn't have the infiltrating units of the Resistance faction, or the sheer badass units of the NATO faction, it DOES have a nice assortment of cheaper-but-still-badass units, and the addition of the BMP for long range firepower and the Secret Police to help quickly control area... well, add into that the SUPER cheap Militia units, and you've got a fun little force!  Once we get the Scud missiles ingame and all of that, look out!:)

Here are a few screenies...

Okay, above is a square full of Dictator troops... I brought in a unit of Loyal Infantry with an RPG to help fend off enemy armor.  I then have a unit of Presidential Guard, which are among the best troops the Dictator has at his disposal, with a Foreign Advisor, who really helps all of the other units in the square in all stats.  Then there is a unit of Secret Police being accompanied by the Dictators Son, which makes all of the units in the square fight a lot harder.  A lot of force multipliers here (albeit at a price!)

Okay... another square, with a Loyal Infantry unit (with one spot left for upgrades... I was still waiting to see what sorts of enemy were attacking) a BMP (rock ON... the BMP is the second best piece of armor in the game) and a unit of Secret Police, who are armed with AKs, IEDs (to protect them from attack) and a nice car battery to REALLY convince those squares to come over to my side, right quick!

And here is a shot of my home square... it features a unit of Still Shadow mercenaries... these guys are stealth-capable (which is pretty damn rare... only the secret police can do that, and they are not prime combat units with limited combat upgrades) and are pretty bad-ass.  Keep in mind they can only use the third-world-style weapons, because they blend into the populace... if you manage to hire a Mjolnir team, those guys can carry any weapon available in the game.  This square also has an example of a trick I like for the Dictator... hire up a cheapo militia unit, and then give the a Captain... it is the only chance the Dictator has at getting a defense-oriented leader who can impact all of the friendlies in the square... a nice combo!

So... that is it, so far... hope everyone can give it a try when it comes out, it will only be about a dollar!


Ulu Elsomalien said...

Hurrah ! Wainting for this for a long time !

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