Sunday, December 25, 2011

The New Video Game: The NATO faction Specials!

Hey all!

Okay, hot on the heels of the NATO unit preview, I thought I'd give folks a look at the NATO special weapons, known ingame as the Operations!

Now, Operations generally come in three flavors; reinforcements, attack, and square upgrades.

All factions have four Operations.  So, let's take a peek at the NATO operations!

First up; Drone Strike!  Drone strike is a high powered attack that can hit enemies anywhere on the board.  While the Drone only hits one target at a time, it is capable of killing anything, including reducing enemy armor to scrap.  Expensive but powerful, the Drone Strike is a long distance killer.

NATO can call on Reinforcements in the form of a Helicopter Insertion team!  A chopper sweeps in and drops off a fully-equipped Insertion Team (see right) capable of taking on any foe.  Unlike the reinforcements of the other factions, the NATO Insertion Team can be deployed anywhere on the map.  They come fully armed and armored, and even feature a Support Sniper armed with a .50 cal sniper rifle capable of taking on light enemy vehicles, an upgrade unavailable to any other unit in the game.  While they cannot level up, the Insertion Team is plenty capable as is.

The NATO faction also has two square upgrades among their Operations.  First up is a Recon Base.  The Recon Base is built in any friendly square, and takes money to run each turn.  However, in exchange it keeps a steady stream of recon drones circling above the square the base is in and all the surrounding squares, and radios the location of enemy units back to headquarters.  This is particularly useful as Resistance units infiltrate your front lines and try to disrupt your supplies... a few Recon Bases will make sure you can keep a close eye on your territory at all time, and will be ready to deploy troops to the rear in a heartbeat!

The last NATO Operation is another square upgrade; the Forward Operation Base.  The FOB is built in any friendly square and gives any friendly unit in the square a bonus to its defense against infantry and vehicles, as they shelter behind the walls and sandbags.  This makes NATO troops especially tough to kill when they are defending their territory.

So... those are the NATO Operations... next time I'll do a quick runthrough of the Resistance Faction!

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