Saturday, December 17, 2011

That's it... Games Workshop has gone full retard


Listen... I appreciate Games Workshop.  They've been in the toy soldier biz for a LONG time, and have contributed a lot of the most important bits of toy soldiering to the hobby.  I've been reading White Dwarf since around issue 70 (and have them all in boxes) and have owned a LOT of Games Workshop and Citadel miniatures.

But with the latest edition of White Dwarf, and indeed the recent White Dwarfs (or is it Dwarves?) I feel like they have just gone too far.

So... Storm of Magic.

Holy crap, it is terrible.  Forget the fact that they have these arcane fulcrums, which are so over the top and ridiculous and they are making these instead of, say, more useful battle boards or decent houses and the like.  Forget the fact that the actual soldiers don't matter so much anymore compared to the magicians.  Nope... what kills me is this ridiculous "binding scroll" thing by which you can have all sorts of horrific evil monsters fighting alongside the Empire, Dwarves, and Elves.  Oh god.  It is f'ing ridiculous.  The latest White Dwarf had a photo on the back of an Empire army.  Now, everyone should know I have a weak spot for the Empire (btw, proud to say that when you do a google image search for Middenheim army, mine is the first to show up!)  But what the hell... it has a giant six armed minotaur fighting for it?!  W... T... F?!

So yeah.  I am a bit sick of GW right now.  Warhammer has slowly and surely become more and more over the top and ridiculous, and this latest decision (made, I am sure, so they can sell more of each model... after all, if EVERY army can field a giant six armed minotaur certainly you'll sell more of them!) just does it for me.


Atom Kid said...

GW has certainly jumped the shark. I think they try too hard to cater to 12 year olds who spend their parent's money, rather than trying to keep their base.

ZeroTwentythree said...

One of my biggest complaints is that there is a far greater emphasis placed on building an armylist than actually pushing figures around the table and rolling dice.

By that I mean that what you put on the table is increasingly more important that how you use it.

This is really nothing new, but it is hitting a ridiculous threshold, as you point out.

Phil B said...

I thought this was going to be about their latest abomination - the thing with the fantasy ships that costs about £70. Truly taking the biscuit as to stretching a concept as far as possible in order to remove cash from idiots.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

GW has been ridiculous on so many levels (games and prices etc.) for so long now there very name sparks contempt among many gamers.

I've already sold most of my collection(roughly 7 armies or so at start) and will sell the rest. Within a year I hope to able to claim I do not own one single GW miniature.


Mazikainen said...

I recently bought Priestley's Hail Caesar rules and I'm contemplating on using them with my warhammer figures. I think for most armies doing HC rules conversion will be easy. I liked the low-fantasy feel of early warhammer fantasy 6th edition best and I'm looking for something similar. Of course, the thing I'll be missing will be the army lists. I think balancing those would be a monumental task for a fan conversion project.

Comintern said...

GW has indeed crossed over and sold their soul. I have played and bought more 40k miniatures from them then I care to admit now. My first army and indeed my pride and joy when I was twenty were the Dark Eldar. I didnt know what I Was doing do I collected them. A full Force Organization and then some. Any army I had the tools to adjust and play what I Wanted. With cautious optimism I waited for the release of their codex and when it finally arrived I saw GW greed for what it was. The entire codex was driven to sell their new crap. All of their old models were "decidedly" less powerful and that is putting it mildly. While a company is entitled to make money, the wholesale fleecing of ones customers is a little distasteful. Me and my friend have started selling out GW armies and have sworn off GW games. Anyone who has played them for any length. Look at their Codex line and how the sales drive the codex instead of the game or the fluff doing it.

Author said...

Yeah, I feel like this has been a long time coming. The last incarnation of the Skaven was BRUTAL... so steampunky and stupid. And the total discard of years of fluff by saying "Oh, you know how the Chaos powers are rivals? Just kidding, you can take anything from any power in any army!" That KILLED me.

And I was just looking through the latest WD, and found a horrifying picture of some Jabberwocky creature alongside some Bretonian Knights. The Knights would be on a quest to kill that thing!

So frustrating.