Saturday, January 22, 2011

More 15mm Cowboys

Howdy, partners!

Well, yesterday I went over to my buddy's place.  He still doesn't have the 15mm cowboys on the table yet... however, he did set up a basic 15mm cowboy setup on his little, fold-out 6x4 table.  Now, it is not at ALL finished up... no flocking, still all the animals need work... lots of work still to be done... but still, it looks pretty neat, and we thought we'd get a few games of our new cowboy game in!

Here is a shot of a "house under construction" my buddy made.  It is nice, as it adds a cool visual touch to the town, and it looks sharp... plus, it gave him a chance to build a model of a house under construction, which allowed him to think about actual construction a bit!

Here is the Wells Fargo wagon he just finished... ready to get held up!

Here is the little tent city on the outskirts of town... maybe some temporary workers, coming in to work on the railroad, or mining, or something like that...

A shot from one end of town.

The preacher on his mule.

The gunshop at the center of town...

...overlooked by the well dressed chap on the balcony.

Another shot of town.

We also knocked out two games... we used my buddy's gang, The Jaunty Bunch, as the "player" gang, and I ran the NPC gangs.  I didn't get a shot-by-shot set of photos, but I can at least give a little rundown!  Above you can see my cowboys riding in from the bottom of the photo (one of my guys is in an alley beside the big salon on the left side of the street) and The Jaunty Bunch riding in from the top... two in the center, and one leaping the fences outside of town on the righthand side of town aiming to hit my gang from the flank.

Here is the Jaunty Bunch!  They are a well dressed crew, ready for action, either of the gunfight variety or the lady variety!  The Boss of the bunch is on the right of the shot... we call him Frijoles Negro for short, because of his all black outfit.

Here two members of the Jaunty Bunch are setting up on either side of the street as my gang, out of shot to the right, gallops down the street.

Both sides are ready to roll!  No shooting has started, so a few civilians who haven't noticed what is happening are still walking around the streets.  One of my guys has entered the saloon in the center, looking to get on the balcony to get a better line of sight.  You can always tell which buildings have men in them, as we leave the roof off when the buildings are occupied.  At the intersection you can see one of my buddy's cowboys standing on the left side of the building with the roof off, and my Boss standing on the other side... tense moment, as my buddy also ran his Boss into the building with the blue interior, with the idea of popping out of the door at the top of the landing to get the drop on my guy, who was busy watching the corner!

An amusing aside... there is a civilian on the sidewalk on the top of the street who hasn't noticed guys ducking into the alleys with guns drawn...

He pops out, and found my cowboy (or cowgirl, actually) waiting for him!  She popped off a few rounds, forcing him back into the doorway, and then injuring him... and he ran in momentary panic!

Meanwhile one of my cowboys burst out onto the balcony and fired down at the enemy hiding at the edge of the building below him and across the street... but in an amazing display of accuracy, my buddy's cowboy on horseback fired a single round, blasting my cowboy right off his feet!  Ugh!  My rolls on the day were ALL pretty bad:(

My buddy's cowboy on the far left manages to shoot down my guy on the far right, and Frijoles Negro, having regained his nerve, stormed back out the door into a hail of gunfire, ducking and blasting my cowgirl full in the chest!  She crumbled to the ground, my last cowboy dead.

A tough game!  My buddy rolled some REALLY good shots (that single shot from horseback that killed my guy in cover up on the balcony was pretty nuts!)  He rolled up the Gear he found after the fight, and got himself TWO weapons... a shotgun and a carbine!  This would be nice for The Jaunty Bunch going forward... the shotgun is great for pinning enemies down, and the carbine would allow them to engage the enemy from far out!

The next game, unfortunately, I forgot to take many photos!  My NPC gang was a strange one... two guys with sawed off shotguns, and a boss whose skill was close combat fighting!  My objective was to get a guy into the gun shop in the center of town and find a particular pistol I wanted... above is a shot of two of my guys running out the street

Unfortunately, as in the last game, my buddy rolled some DAMN fine shots.  He killed one of my cowboys quickly, and I had one of my guys with the sawed off charging across the street to open up in the face of Frijoles Negro when, at the VERY last moment, he blasted my guy!  However, as he was busy my Boss charged around the corner and buried a knife in Frijoles Negro's stomach!  His other two cowboys tracked my Boss down (he is that blur at the very top of the photo at the corner of the building) blasting away and actually wounding him THREE times.  My boss, blood dripping down his sleeve and clutching his gut, blasted with his sawed off, forcing one of my buddy's cowboys down and tried to follow it up by stabbing him in the chest, but he was too weak... and my buddy finished off my last cowboy.

Overall a good game!  Frijoles Negro survived his wounds (although two of his stats did permanently go down a bit) and his gang found themselves another carbine in the loot.  The Jaunty Bunch would really be able to keep their enemies at a distance... and the fact that Frijoles Negro's skill was the ability to shoot from horseback without any penalties made them a dangerous group of cowboys.

So!  Two REALLY enjoyable games!  Can't wait until all the cowboy stuff can make it to the big table!


Atom Kid said...

Looks great! I love the Wells Fargo Wagon!
Who manufactured these? And what rules do you use?

Dan said...

Great looking terrain I especially like the house under construction it looks great!

Beccas said...

Great looking game and I am going to get into 15mm cowboy gaming myslef this year.

scotty said...

Some great looking terrain

Author said...

Hey guys!

Thanks for coming by!

Kid, the Wells Fargo wagon I believe is from Minifig... the cowboys are Blue Moon.

The rules are actually a home set that I am currently working on... a touch stolen from here, a touch stolen from there, and a whole bunch of my own stuff. When we finishing testing them out I'll post them up... they are a really simple, quick set for developing a gang of cowboys over time, and will include very simple rules for bank robberies, hunting, train robberies, shootouts, farming, and all the other things you might want your cowboy to do.

(Plus, they are super pretty to look at, thanks to a buddy of mine.)