Sunday, January 16, 2011

10mm Napoleonics; the Battle of Edificio continued!

Howdy all!

I got some more of my latest 10mm Napoleonic game done... so here you go!

Okay... so when we last left off, the French were beginning to get their artillery into position, while their troops began to hold up.  The British were contemplating an attack on the far flank... otherwise, they might be pounded to pieces once the French artillery was set!  Meanwhile, on the near flank, the two cavalry forces were facing off while the French Guard looked up the hill at the deploying Spaniards.

The French artillery began to spread out, and the battery on the top of the hill began to fire on the Spanish battalion that had deployed before the British guns.

Colonel Thayer finally launched his attack on the flank.  Most of his battalions formed into line to attack, while in the center a single column acted to hold them together.

As the lines of red got closer to the edge of the woods both sides opened fire, smoke rolling down the lines.

Behind the first line of attack, Colonel Smith's elite brigade advanced in column past the farmhouse, where the Duke bellowed out encouragement, and began to advance toward the center of the French lines... right at the deployed French artillery!

The British pushed closer, the elite brigade coming up in the center of the field.  Men fell, screaming and cursing, on both sides, the sergeants pushing the men together and forward.  Behind Colonel Vin's Guard brigade advanced behind Colonel Vin's beleaguered, besieged infantry.

The French rushed their third battery around the woods and quickly deployed it, and prepared to pound the attacking British lines with cannister.

In the center Colonel Smith's Guard brigade charged forward, drums beating and the Scottish pipes wailing, and despite the musketfire poured into their flanks by a battalion of French Old Guard and cannister mowing down their front ranks, overran the French artillery in the center.

Meanwhile, on the far flank, Colonel Del Rio began to advance his infantry... however, he was under direct orders by Wellington NOT to attack... he was only to put pressure on the French Guard brigade in the orchard to ensure they did not swing to hit the British Guard brigade in the center of the field.

Both sides deployed skirmishers, and voltigeurs and Greenjackets fell on both sides of the fields.

Here is an overlooking shot of the field... you can see the Spanish on the left advancing downhill towards the orchard... and in the center and on the right, the British pressed the attack home.

In the center the Duke of Wellington galloped forward and, waving his hat, waved Colonel Smith's elites home.  The Highlanders crashed home, screaming their bloodthirsty warcries.

Finally both sides began to show weakness, as a battalion of French infantry broke at the center of the French lines, only to be quickly replaced by a battalion of converged Grenadiers.

The British, too, began to crack, and a battalion of infantry a the center of the line broke and ran, leaving a column of redcoats on their own in the center...

Colonel Del Rio, sitting on his horse, began to tap his fingers on his saddle impatiently... all of the glory being won on the far side of the field... and none for him?  Del Rio looked about and decided... to hell with his orders from Wellington to sit still; it was time for Spanish glory!  He waved his sword in the air, and his brigade plunged forward!

However, the French Guards in the orchard, sheltered behind stone walls and thick hedges, poured fire into the Spaniards, and the two brigades of Spanish militia began to waver, one breaking and running almost immediately, despite the angry screams of their Colonel.

So!  That is where we end off!  The British are pressing home a massive attack on the right flank, hoping their Guard's attack at the center can break the French lines... but the elite French infantry will do their best to stop them!  On the left the impetuous Spaniards have charged down the hill and suddenly find themselves in huge amounts of trouble... is it time for the British cavalry to attack?!

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Phil B said...

Zut alors! Superb battle which looks fantastic to boot.

John de Terre Neuve said...

looks great as usual

Vinnie said...

Fantastic scenery for the battle and great battle report. I have a friend back in Oz who would love to see all those fine 10mm in action, so I have passed onto him you blog site.

Great stuff

Vinnie said...

Just wondering what set of rules you are using for your 10mm games.



MadDrMark said...

Brilliant as usual, Lord A. I love the low-angle shots. They add even more drama to what is turning out to be qquite an exciting fight. Can't wait to see how it ends.

paulalba said...

Superb looking battle and figures. Amazing detail in 10mm.

Brian said...

amazing and inspiring

James said...

Probably the best 10mm table top I've ever seen.

Nice work.


Author said...

Hey Vin!

I use my own rule set for this... here is the link....

It has a few rough spots, but overall it makes for a fun game for a solo play set for a guy who just wants to push toy soldiers around!:)