Saturday, January 15, 2011

A few 15mm Cowboy games!

Hey all!

Well, a buddy of mine has put together a 15mm Cowboy collection... his goal is to redo his table for 15mm Wild West...

Now, he cannot take down his current 25mm ACW table quite yet, as he is hosting a game next weekend, but we DID spend Friday night playing a bit of Red Dead Redemption and also trying out a really early first draft of some cowboy shoot-out rules!

So, we ran two games in a little mock-up town with no real terrain or anything... just the buildings, and whammo!

Unfortunately, we didn't play it on a table with great light, so some of the photos didn't quite come out, but still, here are a few I can share!

Here is one of the cowboys in my buddy's posse galloping up the main street.  Each posse had three cowboys in it.  The trick is getting up and into some good cover with good line of sight... horses are perfect for that!

The cowboy dismounts and ducks behind some stairs, with a good line of sight down the street.

My own posse rides up the street, while my buddy measures out a movement for one of his guys.

As one of my guys leaps off his horse and ducks down between some steps, I run my guy with his shotgun up, with the idea of getting him to cover...

My third cowboy ducks behind a store with a few down the main street.

Ah... well, that didn't work too well.   Two of my buddy's cowboys, ducking behind some stairs on either side of the street (you can see just the hat of the second guy on the bottom-left of the photo) blasts my shotgun-wielding guy right off his horse!  Crap.

Meanwhile, my buddy rides up a side street and gallops around the corner RIGHT at my guy, who was lurking, watching down the street...

But just after HE gallops over, I run MY third cowboy (actually cowgirl) around the corner to blast at him!  She had actually been shot earlier, all of her stats were 1s at this point because of her injuries, and she had little chance of actually helping out, but...

Sure enough, no luck!  The guy at the corner, who whips around to fire at the guy on horseback, is actually shot in the back by a cowboy out of photo on the street.  My cowgirl opens fire at the guy on horseback but, with blood seeping down her jacket arm and a bullet lodged in her belly, her aim is off, and my buddy's cowboy whirls around and blasts her right out of her boots!

So that is it!  All three of my guys are dead (I felt especially bad for my guy with the shotgun who got shot right off his horse in the middle of the street... stupid me, I didn't think to check ranges!) and my buddy's posse is intact, although there are a few wounds.  It didn't help that his guys were MUCH better armed... stupid double-action revolvers.  We will be making a few changes:)

Overall the games (I'll put the photos for the other game later) went real well!  There were some DRAMATIC moments (wait until the next game, where a pair of TOUGH fellows with sawed off shotguns end up about two inches from each other, blasting away!) and it seemed to work real well!

I also included in this post a shot or two of demos of the cards for the game I'm working on.  I've stolen a little bit from different rules, so some might look familiar.  It was fun!

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DeanM said...

Very nice set of buildings. But that room & table of your buddy's is impressive! Showed it to my wife and she asked it were a museum. It does look like one - one of the better ones, anyway. Something we can all aspire to have. Regards, Dean