Saturday, March 13, 2010

Work Continues on the Modern Combat Game

Well, myself and the coder had a "Come to Jesus" talk last night, and decided to put the wargame video game on hold for now. We have the basic graphic work done, but thought we would enjoy working on the modern squad combat game a bit more... so, that is what we are doing! We haven't totally shelved the wargame, of course, as it would be a fairly simple project, so tabletop wargamers, fear not; something will be along at some point!

Anyway... I thought I would take a short while and work on the second set of buildings; namely, the European/North American city ones. So far this is just the basic work... I have some more to do, but I think they will look nice... here is are a couple demonstration city blocks! I think they will look pretty sharp once I have all the details done.

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