Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's that? An actual wargame video game?

So... please keep in mind that the above photo is a complete composite. One unit, a bunch of times... terrain is just tiled, trees are repeated... yeah... wargaming on the computer with massive collections, with the ability to download other peoples collections to use...complete with modular terrain and the like...? Yeah, this could be somewhat cool...

I'll have more in the near future when we figure out what to do with this. Suffice it to say we have some cool ideas:)


HaWior said...

This sound too good to be true.

nappygamer33 said...

Looks very interesting. Looking forward to seewhat you do with this!

niklas.rosenlind said...

Hey Ashram

This is something I really been waiting for. A miniature gamer that actually have some computer skills. if you intend to work on this I would be very intereste in playtesting it. Been tester of histwar and waterloo/austerlitz computer games in the past burt really what I really would like to do is using my rules in such a "toolkit" that this could be.