Saturday, March 13, 2010

Squad Classes in Squadcrawler

Hey all! Well, we've been discussing and brainstorming about our new squad based combat game... and one thing I've been considering recently is squad "classes." All teams will have a class. There will be a number to choose from; right now, I have five in mind, each with their own advantages and disadvantages... so I thought I would share them here!

Squad Class: 3rd World Militia

Advantages: Lots and lots and LOTS of cheap, cheap troops. 3rd World Militias will invariably outnumber their enemy. Plus, their troops are very hard to pin down... often because they aren't smart enough or experienced enough to know when to hit the dirt!

Disadvantages: Severely limited weapon access. Rare will be the chance to pick up anything other than a battered AK47, and you can forget any thoughts you had of heavier gear or sniper equipment. Little to no armor, plus absolutely no ability to get technology like scopes and the like. 3rd World Militia troops are usually bottom of the barrel civilian types, with no formal training... you just need to make up for lack of quality with quantity, quantity, quantity.

Squad Class: 3rd World Military

Advantages: A good number of relatively-trained troops. Decent access to weapons and armor, although the more exotic stuff will be out of their reach. Some training.

Disadvantages: No real access to the top weaponry, tech, or trained troops. 3rd World Military squads don't have the sort of support options that 1st World Military squads do.

Squad Class: Insurgent

Advantages: Troops are cheap, and have very high morale. Decent access to weapons, similar to the 3rd World Military squads, as many insurgencies are supplied by friendly governments. Unique abilities, such as being able to deploy much further into the map than most enemies, or to plant explosives in certain key areas before the battle.

Disadvantages: No access to the top weaponry, armor, or trained troops, and almost no tech. Insurgent troops have little to no training and are outclassed man-to-man by almost every other type of squad with the possible exception of the 3rd World Militias.

Squad Class: 1st World Military

Advantages: Very well trained troops. Wide range of weapons, armor, and tech available. Support options like gunships and the like often available to 1st World Military squads.

Disadvantages: Quality isn't cheap; almost everything in the 1st World Military squads is expensive, so you will be outnumbered by most every enemy.

Squad Class: Special Forces

Advantages: The very best trained troops around, capable of killing many times their numbers. Access to any and all weaponry, technology, and armor. Some exotic support available.

Disadvantages: Special Forces squads are abhorrently expensive... you may only have a handful of troops to hold off that swarm of enemy militiamen!


Ulu Elsomalien said...

Why not a sixth class like "1st world average skilled good guy" like police men or "not in the battlefield thunder" like truck crew, artillery crew and other people needed for logistic (medic, high ranked officers)?

Author said...

Yeah, I was considering the idea of a police one, but decided against it. The idea of the game is a modern squad combat game, and generally speaking police/SWAT teams and non-combat crew are not involved in combat. The game will revolve around designing a team and traveling around the world fighting enemies, and neither seemed a natural fit.

We still may add more squad classes, however.