Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Roster Work

Hey all,

Well, did a little refining on an old roster shot!
First, updated the pictures with the actual ingame shots that we will be using. I also changed up the rating system to use the colored dots that we think we will be using... it is just easier, at a glance, to see how effective your guys are using these, and I think they will work well. Stats marked with a red are being brought down by something (in the case of this team, a wound) and stats in green are being increased (in this case, by the squad leader's skill and two guys being within his command radius.)

I also did a second version of the roster sheet... I am not sure which one we will end up going with! The second version has the advantage of being able to do drag-down menus to select the guys in the squad, their gear, and the like, and a little more direct ability to compare squad members. I think the second one is actually a bit more useful, although I enjoy the look of the first better; it makes the guys look more individual to me. In the end, however, I think this second version is likely to be the one (or at least the style) that gets used. Maybe double clicking on a guy on THIS screen would bring up a character card, which would also list things like medals and awards, and big actions?

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Bunkermeister said...

Interesting stuff. As a kid I only had a few soldiers so I went through the phone book and named them all. Sort of like your rosters.

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