Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Update on my 2009 Fall In Napoleonic Game...

Hey all!

Just thought I would share the info on the 10mm Napoleonic game that I am hosting at Fall In 2009!

The game will be at 6 PM on Saturday evening, table IK15 in the main ball room.

I do hope that folks stop by... so far, I think two folks have volunteered to play. While I believe the official limit on players is six, I'll bring enough troops that honestly I hope to be able to accommodate... well... anyone!:)

I'll be posting the rules for the game in the next few days... I think I am all done with them, but I want to give them a going over to make sure I don't forget TOO much!

Thanks all, and hope to see you in Gettysburg, drinks in hand! And thanks again to Andy for letting me register very late in the game!


Carl said...

I just found this blog while I was going though random one and wow it brings me back. I used to love these war games when I was younger, probably still would play them if I had anyone around to do it with. I'm jealous!

Jim McC said...

When will you post the rules. I'd like to be able to digest them before Fall In.


Author said...

I just posted them right after you posted!:D How is THAT for service!

Thanks for the kind words Carl... where are you at? I am SURE there is someone around you who games... nerds are EVERYWHERE! I mean... dudes who enjoy history and a beer are everywhere!