Saturday, October 24, 2009

25mm Nap. Austrians - Artillery

Finally, back to some new miniatures!

I've actually got a decent amount of painting done in the last few months, but because of camera problems was unable to post any photos... However, here is one of my newest units; my 25mm Napoleonic Austrian artillery!

Now, my collection is split into two catagories; major armies, and minor armies. The majors are the Russians and French. My minors are the Austrians and, eventually, the British.

Keep in mind; major and minor does not relate to the historical relevance of the armies. Rather, it refers to how large I intend the collection to get! My French and Russian armies are bigger... lots of infantry, two groups of light, medium, and heavy cavalry, and two batteries of artillery.

My minors, however, will be smaller; fewer units of infantry, less cavalry and artillery.
As such, this will be my ONLY Austrian artillery battery. Also, note that it does NOT have limbers or caissons, as my "major" armies do. That doesn't mean they are any less nice, of course!

Austrian artillery is rather fun to look at. The browns and yellows are a distinct contrast to the whites of the infantry, and they look awful nice together. The figures themselves are very nice; all are Sash and Saber, and the artillery feels properly sized, compared to most toy soldier artillery!

Overall I am very happy with how these fellows came out!

As mentioned, figures courtesy of Sash and Saber!


CWT said...

Very impressive painting work. I am curious about your 'big' and 'small' army system, as I was thinking of dipping a toe into Napoleonic 25mm scale. Are your small armies organised on any proportionate system or for a rules set, or do you just buy figures as the mood takes you?

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

Author said...


Thanks for the compliments about the painting...

As for the major and minor armies, really it has nothing to do with any rule set or anything...

To me, the composition of an army is key. I am a FIRM believer in an army having a set list and that is it. I am not a "there is no such thing as complete" army type of guy.

Wait; I think this might make a good subject for a blog entry! More info coming soon!:D