Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Day of Gaming

Howdy all!

Well, I gamed a bit yesterday, and some other folks gamed as well, so I thought I would snap some photos!

First up, I joined in a very early test of "Look Sarge, No Charts." While the first visual of the bases was something to behold ("Look Sarge, Charts on my Bases!") once you read what each number was it was very, very simple... I actually liked that aspect of the system. Unfortunately it went very slowly as it was everyone's first time, so what can you do.

More importantly (for this blog, anyway) was that there were two very pretty games going on next to us. First up was a large Flames of War game; I missed most of it, but at least I got to snap a photo during cleanup.

After that was a Seven Years War game, played under Sam Mustafa's "Might and Glory" rules and using Jay's beautiful scenery and figures... here is a link to his blog, which has TONS of beautiful stuff on it! Do go by and enjoy!

Of special note... a few great stands of skirmishers, a wonderful Islamic army (Ottomans? Turks?) and a great poured resin river. A good looking game is KEY to me, so it was nice to see! A few guys still needed their dull coat, so don't get too worked up if they may look a TOUCH shiney.


Jay said...

I still have to finish painting some bases as well. The dullcote might need to wait until the weather warms back up. Maybe I'll have a 28mm Napoleonic Spanish army AND a 28m SYW anglo-Portuguese Army ready to dull as well. We'll see.

Thanks for link / post / stopping by.


Author said...

Hey man,

Yeah, I've had the weather wreak HAVOC with some of my varnish coats... ugh, a lot of miniatures lost:( Oh well:(

Anyway, your guys were beautiful; you definitely need to post more of them on your site for us to look at!:)

Giles said...

An excellent report, Lord A. Thanks for posting.

Best wishes